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Ask Lela! FAFSA Help

Louisiana Education Loan Authority -- LELA -- FAFSA Help!

Have you submitted your FAFSA?


It’s your application for Federal Student Aid (grants, work study, and student loans).


Use Lela's FAFSA Completion Instructions and get started HERE. Call our FAFSA HELPline at (844) 463-2372 for assistance.


Then, enter Lela's FAFSA Completion Scholarship Drawing - $1,000 will be awarded monthly.


Check out Lela's FAFSA Completion Guide and All You Need to Know About Federal Student Aid to find out more about the financial aid process.


LELA is a non-profit resource for college planning.


Click here for more information!


If the above link does not work, type in into your web address bar and check out the information from LELA!